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Bjork Shiley Heart Valve Recall

If you or a family member have a Bjork Shiley Heart Valve (BSCC) that has been replaced because of a strut fracture or for safety concerns, you should speak to a lawyer to protect your rights, including the right to significant compensation. Our lawyers have represented victims of the Bjork Shiley Heart Valves, which were implanted in more than 40,000 Americans.

Shiley manufactured and sold the BSCC valve between 1979 and 1986 until it was removed from the market. Approximately 86,000 BSCC valves are believed to have been implanted worldwide. Worldwide, 619 valve fractures have been reported to Shiley. In approximately two-thirds of the cases, it is reported the patient died following the valve fracture.

Shiley does not give medical advice or make recommendations as to whether the BSCC implantee should undergo prophylactic valve replacement surgery. This is a decision for the BSCC patient and his or her health care providers. A court-appointed Supervisory Panel, in Cincinnati, Ohio, does provide guidelines for compensation under the Bowling Settlement and can be contacted at 1-800-977-0779.

Capretz & Associates

Capretz & Associates has been successfully litigating Bjork Shiley Heart Valve claims since 1985.

Capretz & Associates has settled many cases involving injury and deaths from strut fractures and prophylactic replacements as well as settlements for the government health services of Ontario and Manitoba, Canada.

James T. Capretz has represented hundreds of Bjork Shiley heart valve patients from around the world and has successfully taken two of the Bjork Shiley cases to a jury trial reaching a winning settlement of their claims before the jury could deliberate.

James T. Capretz has served as Special Counsel for BSCC Heart Valve patients in the Bowling Settlement since 1992 and has extensive experience with claims arising from defective heart valves.

Free Consultation

For a free case evaluation and consultation with an attorney, call Capretz & Associates toll free at 800-351-8588 or click here to send us your contact information and have an attorney call you.

Time Limitations

All states have time limits on when a lawsuit can be filed called Statutes of Limitations. It is important you act promptly to protect your legal rights. Contact Capretz & Associates at 800-351-8588 for more information.

Preservation Of Evidence

Many Bjork Shiley fractures may appear to be “heart attacks” and no autopsy may be ordered. In cases of a sudden death, you will need immediate advice on the need for an autopsy and preservation/examination of the BSCC heart valve.


Visit the Bowling-Pfizer Settlement Funds website for additional information and resources.

Visit the Hershey Medical Center website for a professional description of the BSCC valve.

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